Karen’s Breakfast Cocoa Coconut Concoction

I got the idea for this breakfast smoothie listening to some of the talks from the Gluten Summit since they interviewed some nutritionists.  There is evidence that using fats broken down to ketones is better for our brains than having carbs broken down to glucose.  Plus healthy fats will really satisfy and keep you full longer.  A good start for a great day!

Aside from the frozen bananas and blueberries and coconut water cubes, all the ingredients for Karen's Breakfast Cocoa Coconut Concoction
Aside from the frozen bananas and blueberries and coconut water cubes, all the ingredients for Karen’s Breakfast Cocoa Coconut Concoction

Fresh or Frozen Fruit (berries) – about ½ cup

½ Banana – I use slices that I have kept frozen

Coconut water – about ½ cup – I use frozen cubes

Almond butter – about 2 TBSPs

Coconut oil – about 2 TBSPs

Ground Flaxseed – about 2 TBSPs

Raw Cacao – about 2 TBSPs

Almond Milk – about 1 ½ cups

Blend in mixer and add more almond milk if too thick.  Pour and enjoy!

There can be some variations here:

–       Chia seeds soaked in almond milk instead of ground flaxseed

–       Add an avocado for added good fat

–       Omitting the coconut water

The measurements are approximate – you can make it to your own liking.  I tend to buy fresh fruit, like blueberries and bananas, and then wash them and dry them or slice them as the case may be, and keep them in a Ziploc freezer bags so it is easier to use them for making a smoothie – all ready to go.  I have found that blueberries work well with this recipe as does mango.  Try other fruits and see what you think.  Personally for me, strawberries didn’t go as well as I would have thought.  Also, when buying coconut water, it is recommended to use in a few days’ time, so I preserve it  for longer to use when need be by pouring into ice cube trays and then freezing them.  I pop them out and store the cubes in freezer Ziploc bags.   Ready to go!


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